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Musicalities was founded in 1995 by Ivan Chandler and continues to be recognised as one of the UK’s leading music consultancy companies.

We provide the following key services:

We provide the broadest range of music services for the entertainment industry – including but not limited to – clearing rights, negotiating contracts, project supervision and providing music copyright solutions.

We also help individual songwriters, performers and music producers – along with their managers and lawyers as and when required. In addition we offer Music Copyright training courses to share our knowledge and help you gain a better understanding of this sometimes tricky area of the business.

Through our sister company, Chandler and Siddell, we also provide Musicological Reports to support or disprove infringement claims.

Ivan Chandler – Founder & CEO

Ivan ChandlerMusicalities’ founder, Ivan Chandler, is one of the UK’s leading experts in music copyright.

Ivan has worked in the Entertainment Industry for over 30 years having held executive positions at Paramount Pictures, Elton John’s Rocket Music Co. and Motown International. He was also the music consultant for PACT (the UK trade association for independent television, film and content companies).  He is also a music supervisor, music licensing executive, music publisher, keyboard player, composer, trainer in music copyright and a forensic musicologist. See Ivan’s complete CV.

Geri Adams – Rights Assistant

Geri joined Musicalities in 2017. She loves to liaise with music publishers and rights owners and prides herself on maintaining relationships to gain swift and successful outcomes for the company’s music requirements. She also takes great pleasure in reuniting writers and performers with unclaimed and potential income through the various music collection societies and sub-publisher networks.

Chiara Dodd – Licensing Manager

Chiara first undertook work for Musicalities in 2004 after being accepted for work experience. She was soon offered a longer term paid position and has since handled licensing projects for Musicalities from DVD clearances to films to live events. Chiara especially enjoys the great variety and scope of work that comes with music licensing and particularly completing and delivering the final paperwork to each respective client.

Vivienne Charteris – Company Secretary

Vivienne started her career in entertainment as a dancer appearing in international cabaret and television shows. Her role at Musicalities has been far less strenuous and, as private companies have traditionally been required by law to appoint one person as a company secretary, she kindly undertakes that position with ease!


Thanks to you Ivan and your team at Musicalities for unravelling a music copyright mystery. You’re a star!
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Upcoming Events:

Ivan Chandler is next speaking at Film Expo South in Southampton on Saturday 29th September.

FILM EXPO SOUTH - ‘Making Money From Music’ Saturday 29th September 2018 The Stage Door, 78 West Marlands Road, Southampton

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Ivan Chandler regularly runs Copyright Training courses.

If you'd like us to run a course just for you: click to email us or call us on 01276 474181.