Music Research and Supervision

Sourcing the music and sorting the paperwork

This involves sourcing, supervising and managing the use of music in film and television and online content. We take a holistic approach in taking care of all the various music elements and making sure that we deliver all the paperwork on time and within budget (see The Key Note post Why you’ll love our definition of Music Supervision).

A good example of our work is “Jack To A King”, a passionate film of the Swansea City Football Club from near oblivion to the world stage of the Premier League. Here we undertook detailed research into Welsh football chants and complex negotiation for the rights to use tracks such as Bonnie Tyler’s “It’s A Heartache” and Tom Jones’ “Delilah”.

Music Cue Sheets

We can also deal with certain contractual obligation for producers, such as analysing the fine details of music usage, filling-out music cue sheet forms and submitting these to rights owners and collection societies (such as PRS and PPL). We delight in these often onerous tasks …

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Thanks to you Ivan and your team at Musicalities for unravelling a music copyright mystery. You’re a star!
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