Film Expo South 2017

For the second year running I was invited to be a guest speaker on the subject of music copyright and the licensing of music for film, TV, live and content media. Film Expo South 2017 took place at the Aegeas Bowl Southampton but fortunately not on the cricket pitch! Seriously though, the conference venue itself is ideal for both round table meetings and for Film Expo South there was easy access to exhibitors.

The session I ran had small numbers in attendance but in terms of the actual attendees more quality rather than quantity! There were plenty of television, film and video executives but I was particularly impressed by two young guys, Cameron and Alex from Shelbourne Productions Ltd, based in Bournemouth.

In their final year of Script Writing at Bournemouth University and actively submitting their short film productions for film festivals, they met with me subsequently to discuss not only music licensing but also the agreements for contributors to their films. We have since prepared some key paperwork for them but also helped them with the bigger picture (so to speak!). I introduced Cameron and Alex to Luke English of Laceys, a Bournemouth based law firm which amongst other areas, specialises in film and IP related matters. Apart from having a music expert on hand, all film producers should have not only an accountant au fait with the business of film making but also a good top notch lawyer!

Take a look at this video made by Documentary Director Simon Morice from icm Reporting Ltd which has some useful advice on how to deal with rights.

All in all I have much respect and admiration for Gillian Tully who is the brains and energy behind Film Expo South which I prefer to the larger events that take place in cities such as Glasgow, London and Birmingham.

My closing comment is, if you are ever planning on using music in a film or television production, don’t leave it to the last minute, call us first as we may be able to save you time and money allowing you to concentrate on the areas you know best!

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Ivan and his team are always my first port of call if I have any questions or issues concerning music rights clearances. He invariably unravels and achieves a beneficial solution for rights owners and their licensees to their mutual advantage.
Irving David, DWFM Beckman Solicitors

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