Music Copyright and Licensing

We clear rights so you don’t have to

Obtaining permission, i.e. “clearing the rights”, to use copyright material can at times be straightforward but is often a complex process. With Musicalities’ depth of experience, knowledge and expertise we can make this easy for you, leaving you free to concentrate on other essential aspects of your project.

For example, using library music usually involves a simple one-off license whereas even a short extract from a dance track can involve several rights owners, particularly where “samples” are involved.

Making it as simple as possible

We advise on the ownership of songs and recordings, undertake the clearance process and arrange the necessary licences.

For a recent National Geographic TV series, we successfully delivered 29 complex music licence agreements on time and within budget.

Whilst we cannot always work miracles, we do go the extra mile. For example, we negotiated the use of a Rolling Stones’ composition for an Oxfam TV campaign for free – and also made a donation from our fee to the charity.

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Ivan and his team are always my first port of call if I have any questions or issues concerning music rights clearances. He invariably unravels and achieves a beneficial solution for rights owners and their licensees to their mutual advantage.
Irving David, DWFM Beckman Solicitors

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Ivan Chandler regularly runs Copyright Training courses.

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