Why you’ll love Musicalities’ definition of Music Supervision

The term Music Supervision refers to the job of overseeing the music content of a film or television production, and specifically advising the director and producer on the choice of music. The key to a music supervisor’s role is the cutting of deals with record companies and publishers for the music that will make up the film’s soundtrack.

However, many so-called ‘Music Supervisors’ might be more aptly named ‘Music Finders’, as they may come up with great tracks for the film but leave a trail of inadequately negotiated licences for the producer, lawyers and accountants to sort out. Musicalities takes a more responsible role and view Music Supervision more as ‘Music Management’.

Treating Music Supervision as Music Management
Uniquely, we cover the entire process, often with considerable savings. We find solutions to technical and creative problems, and deliver all the essential music documentation required by the producers, financiers and distributors in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

In the true sense of the word ‘supervision’, we take care of our clients’ needs. We look after every stage of the process:

  • Researching the music

  • Advising on alternative music choices
  • Producing the music budget

  • Commissioning the composer

  • Organising & producing the recording sessions

  • Clearing the use of commercial tracks

  • Negotiating user-friendly licensing terms

  •  Reviewing and processing the licences
  • Providing model agreements when required

  • Finalising the documentation

  • Collating the delivery materials

  • Preparing & completing the music cue sheet

If you would like us to advise and help on any of the above – and let you know how we might save you time and money, call or email Katie on 01276 474181 or katie@musicalities.co.uk.

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“Ivan was extremely skillful in guiding us through the process of acquiring music rights for our digital programme. From start to finish he advised us promptly and clearly on the steps in the process to clear each of our chosen tracks and acquired the clearances we needed in the very tight timeline we had. I would thoroughly recommend his services.”

Niamh Dilworth, Senior Producer, Unicorn Theatre

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